The conditions and information provided below represent the terms of contract between passenger(s) and Cassiopea-Positano.

Method of cancellation, changes and refunds

Only cancellations received in writing via fax or email to Cassiopea-Positano will be acknowledged as formal cancellation. Any cancellations or changes made to a reservation will be subject to the relevant banking charges /processing fees incurred.

Refunds will be processed via the channel that the original payments was received e.g. PayPal credit against deposits / payments received via PayPal, credit card credits directly to the credit card details provided for the original payment.
Schedule of Cancellation Fees

In addition to the cancellation processing fee, a further penalty fee will be due based on the time between cancellation and the booking excursion date, as follows ;

  1. For cancellations made 8 or more days prior to departure a FULL REFUND will be made LESS processing fees.
  2. Cancellations made within 7 days or less prior to excursion date or due to NO SHOW will carry a 100% penalty.


Cancellations due to Force Majeur & Safety issues

At Cassiopea our primary objective is to ensure a safe, memorable and enjoyable boating experience for our valued guests.   As a licensed operator we are required to comply with all Coast Guard regulations and the Navigation Code of Conduct.   Furthermore, due to the nature of the boating experience, we are highly aware of and sensitive to prevailing weather and ocean conditions and will always err on the side of safety.

The following terms and conditions apply accordingly ;


The management, staff and associates of Cassiopea-Positano assume NO LIABILITY for personal injury, property damage, or personal loss to you or those traveling with you in connection with any aspect of the excursion whether be during embarkation, disembarkation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence or conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of terrorism, defect of boats, break-down in equipment, strikes, industrial action, theft, cancellation or changes in itinerary schedules which may result in passengers having a no show. Whilst the ocean conditions are generally calm, passengers should ensure that they are able to travel by boat and should you suspect that you might suffer from sea-sickness kindly ensure that you take the required medication or remedies available timeously before embarkation as Cassiopea-Positano may not be held responsible for passengers not being able to complete the excursion or suffering illness as a result of the excursion.

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